Rail Freight

Our strategy is simple. Focus on one thing:
Making you the most competitive rail shipper in your industry.

RSInet Rail TMS

Rail transportation management software to most efficiently manage your rail freight shipping. Railcar tracing, equipment management, freight contracts and tariffs, and rail accounting in a single system.

Rail Logistics Rail Logistics Services

RSI has been providing rail freight management services to companies throughout North America for 3 decades. Utilize our expertise to improve the effectiveness and reduce the administrative cost of your rail transportation program..

Bulk Intermodal Bulk Intermodal

Shipping bulk liquid via intermodal ISO tank containers can lower freight and storage costs, as well as product handling cost and risk.

Bulk Terminals Terminal Operations

RSI is an experienced operator of rail terminals. We have been safely handling hazardous, non-hazardous, and food-grade commodities at our facilities for 25 years.

Rail Management Solutions
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