Bulk Liquid Shipping Using ISO Tanks

RSI offers door-to-door service of bulk liquid isotank shipments. RSI coordinates each segment through a network of rail carriers, motor carriers, terminal operators and cleaning and repair facilities. Our team of logistics professionals will evaluate your requirements and develop a solution to help your organization lower costs and meet delivery schedules. Managing all segments of the intermodal shipment, RSI is able to control just-in-time delivery requirements, establish unique pick-up and delivery schedules, reduce storage charges, and provide daily visibility of shipments and much more, whether in RSI containers or shipper supplied containers.

Isotanks are ideal for:

  • An intermodal solution to replace long haul truck movements.
  • Intermodal solutions that includes marine shipping.
  • When maintaining high purity is an issue (tanks move from manufacturer to customer without any transfers).
  • When storage is required — ISO tanks can be stacked and they are much less expensive to keep onsite than tanker trucks.
ISO tank drawing


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