Rail Logistics Services

A well managed and competitive rail freight transportation program is essential for many firms involved in transporting bulk commodities. RSI has a diverse client base of companies involved in rail freight shipping as producers, distributors and receivers. Whether you need a complete full service solution or assistance with one aspect of your rail shipping, RSI has it covered with the most experienced fleet managers and the latest technology solutions in the industry.

Shipment Management

  • Order management and bill of lading EDI
  • Proactive railcar tracking and expediting
  • Automate diversion requests and empty dispositions
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Rail Freight Rates

  • Improved management of contracts and tariffs
  • Obtain quick responses for quoting new rail moves
  • Freight payment and accounting services
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Fleet Management

  • Monitor and balance fleet to ensure equipment is available where it is needed
  • Maximize railcar utilization
  • Minimize storage and demurrage charges
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Railcar Maintenance

  • Maintenance & compliance reporting
  • Shop scheduling and record keeping
  • UMLER/EMIS Registration & Updates
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Demurrage Control

  • Prevention and Reporting
  • Invoice audit and disputes
  • Other at-plant services
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Rail Freight Logistics Services

Every rail shipper has unique needs. We've worked with more than 500 companies to improve their rail transportation and are willing to share our perspectives and discuss if any of our services may benefit your program.

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