Railcar Tracking - RSInet Rail Transportation Management Software

Track your rail shipments – see when your empty cars are going to arrive for loading and when loaded shipments are going to reach their destination; in one place for all railroads. Quickly view jeopardized shipments without wasting time scrolling a list with every railcar. In addition to railcar tracking, RSI's technology and services take the hassle out of managing shipments, railcar assets, and freight cost.

If your business depends on competitively managing your rail transportation, RSInet can quickly provide answers to questions such as:

  • What in-transit delays do we have?
  • How are our cycle times trending?
  • Which customers are holding cars too long?
  • Which cars need to be shopped before year end?
  • What is our rail spend for each carrier?
  • Which rail rates will be expiring next quarter?

RSInet makes it easy to answer these questions and it offers a number of features to help you proactively manage your rail transportation:

Instantly View the Location, Status, and ETA for every railcar.
As a transportation professional you want to know about issues before they become problems. Automated exception reporting of the railcar tracking data makes it easy to identify and troubleshoot jeopardized shipments, thereby enabling you to provide better service to your stakeholders.

Modern Easy to Use Web Interface
In addition to transportation and logistics, our user base includes sales, accounting, and plant personnel. Let’s face it, a system will never be fully utilized if it isn’t intuitive and easy to use for the occasional user. RSInet is your single source for managing all of your rail transportation data: railcar movements, rates, equipment, and freight charges.View a demo to see just how user friendly our system is. If you have a web connection, you have access to RSInet.

Control Your Rail Rates
Bring discipline and control to your rate management process by tracking contracts, tariffs, and fuel charges. Receive notification of pending rate expirations. Tariff changes and fuel surcharges can be automatically updated.

Reduce Demurrage and Customer Holding Costs
RSInet helps you to control demurrage charges by making it easy to monitor how long railcars have been at a location. The system can automatically calculate demurrage charges and provide invoice ready reports for customers that hold railcars past their allowable days.

Leave the Spreadsheets Behind
Identify opportunities for improvement - how to improve cycle times and reduce accessorial charges including railroad demurrage with the click of a mouse. Three years or more of your complete historical data is instantly available. Our data visualization tool supports all types of charts, graphs, and mapping in order to provide management with concise information. Eliminate time spent manually creating reports!

Manage Railcar Leases, Maintenance, and Compliance
RSInet is the centralized place to maintain all of your railcar information. View cars that need compliance testing in the coming year. Schedule shop work, track maintenance costs, store maintenance records. Keeping your fleet operating smoothly is easier when the information on your railcars is well organized.

Automate Rail Freight Bill Approval and Payment
Smart shippers audit every invoice from the railroads. We eliminate the need to do this manually by reconciling every invoice to an accrual and purchase order. This makes it easy to audit and pay invoices within railroad 15 day terms. ERP integration makes the whole process seamless.

We Make IT Work
Software doesn’t solve problems, people do. As a full service logistics company, we provide a turn-key solution and help you get the most out of our tools. We don’t just market technology, we help companies improve their rail transportation processes. We’ve got you covered.

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