Railcar Tracking - RSInet Rail Transportation Management Software

Track your rail shipments – see when your empty cars are going to arrive for loading and when loaded shipments are going to reach their destination; in one place for all railroads. Quickly view jeopardized shipments without wasting time scrolling a list with every railcar. In addition to railcar tracking, RSI's technology and services take the hassle out of managing shipments, railcar assets, and freight cost.

If your business depends on competitively managing your rail transportation, RSInet can quickly provide answers to questions such as:

  • What in-transit delays do we have?
  • How are our cycle times trending?
  • Which customers are holding cars too long?
  • Which cars need to be shopped before year end?
  • What is our rail spend for each carrier?
  • Which rail rates will be expiring next quarter?

Companies use RSInet to reduce costs and improve customer service. By automating data collection and reporting, customers typically report a 25% reduction in the administrative effort required to manage their rail shipments. Improving the visibility and control of your rail transportation enables you to significantly improve asset utilization, control demurrage and storage charges, and proactively manage your rail freight spend. Contact us to learn more and receive a product demo.

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